Reasons To Choose Our Preschool

It is hard to send your child off to school for the first time, especially when they are just 4 years old. But giving them a quality preschool education will set them up for greater success in every area of life. In preschool, students build a strong foundation for lifelong learning, social interaction, and general life skills. 

This new program is designed to prepare our children for our current Kindergarten program.  The preschool program models the K-8 school schedule, and it sets them up for success for years to come. We also offer a one stop drop-off for the convenience of our families with multiple children in mind. 

The School of the Cathedral’s program is a child-centered, developmentally appropriate program for children. The purpose of the program is to establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years and to facilitate that learning in a safe, caring, Catholic learning environment – one that promotes cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual development of all children. Here are some reasons to choose our preschool program in Baltimore, MD:

Top Reasons To Choose Our Preschool in Baltimore, Maryland

We use a multi-sensory approach.

The preschool program uses a multi-sensory hands-on learning approach to teach fine motor skills, auditory and visual learning using center time, books, songs, technology, and art. Free play, storytime, show and tell, music, crafts, and outdoor play fill the students’ day. Children attend prayer services, participate in community service projects and are provided many cultural arts activities. Parents are confident in knowing their children are being educated in a comfortable and nurturing environment that provides an educational curriculum that allows children to achieve their highest potential. 

Grow in Faith

Baltimore has a long and storied history of Catholic schools. Although classrooms no longer have nuns in habits, rulers in hand, maintaining classrooms with forty or fifty students, there remains a strong attraction for families to send their children to Catholic schools. For Catholics who send their children to Catholic school, there is a natural alignment of the family’s faith and those of the school their children attend. Often these schools are aligned with a parish church of which the family is a member. For non-Catholic families, Catholic schools offer a disciplined, academically-rigorous environment, whose fundamental mission and vision align with their own. The attraction of a Christ-centered learning environment that focuses on the message of love, hope, and forgiveness appeals to families of all faiths.     


Because class sizes are often smaller than public schools, peer relationships are fostered, and lifetime friendships are formed. Faculty and staff in Catholic schools make an active choice to teach in a Catholic school, earning less money than public schools, because we feel we make a real impact on students’ lives. Strong bonds are also formed between families who attend and those who work in Catholic schools.

Ready to Learn More About Our Preschool in Baltimore? 

The School of the Cathedral provides a high-quality preschool and early learning center for children between the ages of 4-6 years old. Our students learn through imaginative play, including outdoor activities, art projects, and hands-on science experiments. To learn more about our preschool in Baltimore, contact us today!

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