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At the School of the Cathedral, we have a number of extracurricular activities.


Students have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument in a supportive and encouraging environment. Band practice is held at the school and lead by our talented Band Director. Learning to play a musical instrument improves all areas of your child’s education, including creativity and cognitive development. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the school.

Chess Club

History: The Chess Club was re-established in 2014 by a group enthusiastic parents and grandparents. Chess has a long history at the School of the Cathedral, and has even been coached by two International Masters. We need you! Only with the significant investment of time and effort by parents and grandparents has the chess club flourished. Our club is one of the strongest programs in Baltimore, at times involving over 10% of the student body with over 50+ members!

Mission: Our mission is to create a safe, fun environment for the School of the Cathedral children to experience the magic of chess. The club offers several mechanisms, based on the availability of parent volunteers and some paid coaches, to fulfill this mission:

  • Recreational Chess Club: For the new player, typically K-4, interested in learning the basic rules of chess. Sessions are 6-8 weeks, 1 hour per session.
  • Tournament Chess ClubThis club is for serious returning chess players that have competed in a USCF-rated tournament. Runs all year, once per week.
  • School Elective: Middle school students can learn chess as part of the middle school elective on Friday afternoons during some trimesters.

Contact: For more information, to register, or to volunteer to help, please call the school.

Running Club

The running club, which is held on the Cathedral campus, begins in the Spring and is organized by parent volunteers. The running club is for boys and girls of all grades and grows in popularity each year. It’s a great program and runners of all ability levels are welcome!

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are a leadership group of 7th and 8th grade students who are chosen by the administration after submitting an application and a teacher referral form. This is a distinguished service-oriented organization of Cathedral. Ambassadors show leadership, good judgment, maturity, honesty, and integrity while upholding their responsibilities of being a student. Being an Ambassador is a tremendous honor, and with that honor comes various responsibilities

These students will be asked to represent the School of the Cathedral in events of importance within the school as well as parish and community activities. Students may be asked to speak, give tours, mentor new students, and lead programs such as peaceful playgrounds and anti-bullying campaigns. As a member, the student will be volunteering time to assist new students as they begin a new experience at our school. Some of the duties that Ambassadors may be asked to:

  • Assist with New Student Orientation and Open House sessions
  • Assist with conducting tours for families considering Cathedral
  • Serve as “buddies” to new students
  • Become and integral part of Bully Prevention Programs
  • Lead Peaceful Playground training
  • Help out with other opportunities as they arise throughout the school year
  • Represent the school in events and activities in the greater community

As an Ambassador, students are a role model within the School of the Cathedral. Students will be expected to maintain a positive and respectful demeanor at all times toward other students, teachers, and administrators. Occasionally, Ambassadors may be called out of class to fulfill their duties as an Ambassador.  For this reason, teacher recommendations are a part of the application process. In class, Ambassadors must maintain an average of 85/B or higher; be consistent in making up coursework following an absence; demonstrate good decision-making skills, honesty, responsibility, and integrity; and have positive peer relations with the potential to be a good model for a new student.

Student Council

Student Council Commissioners and Homeroom Reps represent the student body of the School of the Cathedral and must be responsible, hard-working, and of good character. The positions on Student Council are awarded on an election basis. Students running for office will complete an application, get teacher referrals, and make posters to campaign.

Once elected, working with the Moderator of Student Council, the Student Council demonstrates leadership by organizing and completing many activities on campus (fundraising activities, spirit week, community service projects, etc.). Students interested in serving on the Student Council must be willing to commit their time and efforts in this endeavor.

Students who have many extra-curricular activities or other conflicts, and those wishing to take on a leadership role merely for a high school application, are not encouraged to apply. For those students who want to work to make a significant difference in their school, it is a rewarding and challenging experience.

All eligible students are encouraged to apply!


The School of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen TV (SCMOQTV) is a student-led afternoon announcement broadcast. All footage, directing, editing, and recording are done by the students and led by the Student Council. With music provided by Mr. Mathis’ classes, our students receive daily news of the events and reminders about the school community.

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