Every parent of a student enrolled at the School of the Cathedral is a member of the Cathedral School Parents Association, commonly known as “CASPA.”

The School of the Cathedral prides itself on the support of a dedicated community of parents who offer their time and talents to school activities and events, both inside and outside of the classroom.  That community of parents does not stand on the outside and look in, but is an intricate part of the educational experience our children enjoy as Cathedral students.  CASPA, by and through its membership, helps to drive the school forward, by sponsoring events (both educational and social, and some a mix of both!), funding improvements to the school both large and small, and providing vital feedback to school administration.

CASPA’s activities are promoted by a Board comprised of members, each assigned to a particular role, with the Board as a whole covering various aspects of parental involvement in the school.  CASPA Board members typically serve a two-year term on the Board, with the terms of individual members staggered so that half of the Board returns the next year while the other half is comprised of new members.  The CASPA Board members for the 2023-24 academic year are listed below, along with each member’s role: 

Board Members
Name Role
Amy Matteini President
Lacey O’Neil Vice President
Shannon Kelly Secretary
Mary Kate Federico Treasurer
Jen Armstrong Member-at-Large
Chrissie Ashby Communications
Amy Koch Communications
Carrie McMullen Volunteers
Erin Woloszyn Volunteers
Elizabeth Guerin Social
Annie Werden Social
Kristin Nicolini Athletics
Lisa Schnell Athletics
Michelle Smith Middle School
Garrity Testa Middle School
Emily Jolicoeur Technology
Marlena Waugh Technology
Sonia Bynes Arts
Gabriella O’Brien Arts
Meghan Allison Cathedral Ball
Quinn Collins Cathedral Ball

The CASPA Board meets monthly to discuss CASPA’s involvement in school functions and programming.  All parents are welcome to attend these meetings.  CASPA Board meetings are typically held at the Parish Center with each meeting starting at 7:30 am.  During the 2023-24 academic year CASPA Board meetings will be held on the following dates:

  • Friday, Sept 8th
  • Friday, Oct 13th
  • Friday, Nov 10th
  • Friday, Jan 12th
  • Friday, Feb 9th
  • Friday, Mar 8th
  • Friday, April 12th 
  • Friday, May 10th
  • Friday, May 31st (Thank you/Welcome breakfast)

Please feel free to contact a CASPA Board member if you have questions or suggestions for future projects, or if you would like to serve on the CASPA Board.

Each year CASPA sponsors fundraising events, including the Cathedral Golf Open, Cardinal Cup 5k run/1 mile walk, and the Cathedral Ball.  More information about these events can be found elsewhere on the website and in materials distributed by the school and parish.  These events not only offer an opportunity for our school community to come together in faith and fellowship, but to raise money for our school and for others outside of our parish and school community. 

Although CASPA is often associated with the large events discussed above, the association also makes an impact on a daily basis, in the many ways that school parents volunteer.  CASPA members coach athletics teams, organize and facilitate classroom parties, speak to students about the members’ professions or the volunteer work that they do, chaperone field trips, supervise the cafeteria and playground during “Lunch Duty,” run the Uniform Bank, and help out in so many other ways.  Our students see their parents at school and they understand that we care.  CASPA devotes itself to facilitating the essential role that parents play in a Cathedral education.  

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