Arts & Music


The School of the Cathedral Mary Our Queen’s art program is continually evolving; the art room is a studio space that foster’s student’s creativity.  Our art teacher works with grades Pre-K 4 – 8 and focuses on developing student’s problem-solving skills and their art history/media knowledge. Students create artwork in each of the following media: drawing, printmaking, ceramics, painting, collage, and fiber arts (weaving and stitching). At the end of the year, Fine Arts Day celebrates students’ accomplishments with artwork on display from each student in the school. This is a great time to see the hard work and talent of our students!  


We are so grateful for our incredible theater program! Middle School students are able to participate in our Middle School Musical, our spring musical. Past musicals include Matilda Jr., GodspellThe Lion King and Shrek, Jr. Thanks to all of our volunteers and community members for their hard work!

Stay tuned for our tickets for our Beauty & The Beast Jr. on March 24-26, 2023! 


Every student at SCMOQ takes general music. In class, they learn music from different cultures, styles and time periods. Students get experience singing, and playing a variety of percussion, string, and electronic instruments. The recorder is studied in third grade, which is an excellent way to prepare students for the instrumental music program. The history of music and its relationship to art history and social studies is explored. Band is also available as an elective class, for students in grades 5 through 8 to select.

There are also three children’s music ensembles organized through the school. The 4th Grade class serves as the choir for the School Mass. The School Cantor Group is an auditioned group of children in grades 3-8 who lead music for the School Mass. Queen Beats is an instrumental ensemble that supports the School Mass with instrumental accompaniments. If you are interested in any of these ensembles or have comments or questions, please contact Julie Grace Males.

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