In keeping with the vision and mission of The School of the Cathedral, the athletics programs here at the school are designed to challenge our students to become creative problem-solvers, leaders, and to live a life in Christ through Integrity, Service, and excellence anytime our students step on the playing field. Students from graders Kindergarten through the Eighth Grade are encouraged to participate in our school-sponsored sports of soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. 

School of the Cathedral Athletics Programs

Fall Athletics – Soccer 

Each fall students are encouraged to participate in at the soccer program at The School of the Cathedral. All teams play in the CYO league while the Middle School soccer programs also play rival private schools in the area.

Winter Athletics – Basketball

During the winter, students at The School of the Cathedral have the opportunity to try out for the Basketball teams! All the teams at School of the Cathedral compete in the CYO League while our Middle School Basketball teams also play private schools in the region. 

Spring Athletics – Lacrosse

Starting in Kindergarten, students have the ability to participate in lacrosse at The School of the Cathedral. Kindergarten through the Second Grade Students participate in lacrosse clinics, while our Middle School students play against other Private Schools located in Maryland! 

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