In keeping with the vision and mission of The School of the Cathedral, the athletics program at our school is designed to challenge our students to become creative problem-solvers, leaders, and to live a life in Christ through integrity, service, and excellence anytime our students step on the playing field. Students from grades Kindergarten through Eighth are encouraged to participate in our school-sponsored sports ~ soccer, basketball, running and lacrosse. 

School of the Cathedral Athletics Programs

Fall Athletics – Soccer

Each fall students are encouraged to participate in  the soccer program at The School of the Cathedral. Clinic is offered for our younger atheletes and grades 3 – 8 participate in the CYO league. Middle School soccer programs also play rival private schools in the area.

Winter Athletics – Basketball

Basketball teams form in early fall and all of the Cathedral teams in grades 3 – 8 compete in the CYO League. Younger athletes have the opportunity to participate in our clinic program.

Spring Athletics – Lacrosse

All students at Cathedral are welcome to participate in lacrosse in the spring season. Clinic is offered to our younger athletes and students in 3rd – 8th grade compete against other private and Catholic schools in our area.