Students in Pre-first at the School of the Cathedral is a unique hands-on program designed for the child who requires a challenge beyond the traditional kindergarten program. At the School of the Cathedral, the Pre-first program offers a blend of kindergarten and first-grade elements with the objective to help students:

  • Grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, and morally. 
  • Provide an environment rich in materials so opportunities are available for the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner. 
  • Promote opportunities for creative and oral expression. 
  • Help students develop problem-solving skills.
  • Provide instruction and curriculum that increases the rigor in the classroom and best prepares our students. 

Subject Areas

Found below is a listing of the areas of study with example content and essential skills. 

Language Arts

  • Review Kindergarten Skills: Orton-Gillingham Program
  • Introduce beginning first grade: Journeys series
  • Saxon and online supplemental materials
  • Use differentiated teaching to meet the varied levels of learning
  • Use small group and whole group instruction


  • Review Kindergarten skills: My Math Series and online supplemental resources
  • Introduce beginning first-grade math standards: Envision Series 
  • Use differentiated teaching to meet the varying levels of learning 
  • Use small-group and whole-group instruction


  • Multi-curriculum approach to coincide with the NGSS and AoB Standards 
  • Enrichment Topics include: Apples,Dental Health, Rain Forest, Pumpkin Science,Insects

Social Studies

  • Multi-curriculum approach to coincide with the AOB standards 
  • Enrichment Topics include: Me Unit, Johnny Appleseed, Pilgrims, Dr. Martin L. King Jr., African-American Inventors , My Maryland and Social Behaviors


  • Blest Are We: First Grade religion program focusing on the Bible and Jesus’ life
  • Promote a personal relationship with Jesus through biblical stories, art activities, drama, and song 
  • Use active meditation and prayer to communicate and respond to God’s love