Welcome to The School of the Cathedral, a Catholic School in Baltimore, Maryland for students in preschool through Grade 8. As part of our mission to foster our students’ spiritual strength in the Catholic faith and to challenge them to achieve academic excellence, our admissions team is highlighting a new student each month to showcase student life, and the many possibilities available to your child. Today you get you meet Brady, a Middle School Student a part of our basketball team.

Success On And Off The Court at Cathedral

It has been the same morning routine since I was six and heading to Pre-First at Cathedral school. First I get dressed, eat a quick breakfast, and then it’s into the car and another school day starts. I know this day is going to be different because we’re playing St Paul’s basketball in the gym after school. When I get to my locker I grab my books and Chromebook and head to math. It will be hard to pay attention today because all I’m thinking about is the big game. Good thing my first class is math because I like math and figuring out all the different problems. Math class goes fast for me. The teacher is really helpful and always has a way to explain things that are confusing for me. For example, yesterday, we were working on inequalities and Ms. Furno helped me by drawing lots of examples out on the whiteboard until I understood.   Math is probably my favorite class.  Next, it’s time for the gym, which is my favorite special, and we go outside on the turf today to play soccer. After gym class, I have religion class, where we learn about the Blessed Trinity. I needed that class today to help me better understand this chapter in the book before the quiz. All of this is the perfect way to distract me from thinking about our basketball game later.

At lunch, my friends and I talk about the game and we are all pretty excited. We are also pretty nervous because we’ve heard there are some big guys on the team. It’s off to afternoon classes which luckily all fly by. ELA is the last class of the day, and we are working on writing a problem and solution paragraph. I like to write, especially when we write it by ourselves and then do peer editing. Finally, the bell rings and it is nearly game time. We all put on our Cathedral uniforms and head to the gym to start warming up. When we arrive at the gym it feels like the whole school is there to cheer us on. This is probably the coolest part. Our team is all 7th graders and we have been playing together since 4th grade when our basketball team was formed. My teammates are probably my best friends. When Saint Paul’s basketball team arrives, we know it’s going to be trouble because they are all in 8th grade and bigger than we imagined.  They quickly started scoring but we held it together and the crowd never stopped cheering. We lost this game, but it felt okay because they were older and massive in size compared to us. I was feeling proud because we stayed united as a team and everyone gave it their all. When we left the gym the crowd was still cheering.  This was one of the best days ever for me at Cathedral. 

Success On and Off the Court at School of the Cathedral