Welcome to The School of the Cathedral, a Catholic School in Baltimore, Maryland for students in preschool through Grade 8. As part of our mission to foster our students’ spiritual strength in the Catholic faith and to challenge them to achieve academic excellence, our admissions team is highlighting a new student each month to showcase our Catholic education, and the many possibilities available to your child. Today you get you meet John, a Middle School Student who serves as a Prayer Buddy and weekly altar server.

John Kinkopf Middle School Student at School of the Cathedral

My name is John, and I am in the 7th grade at the School of the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. I have gone to the school for eight years, and every year has been better than the last, as my amazing teachers and friends have helped me to grow as a student and person. Cathedral has helped me to expand my knowledge in so many ways, and there is no place I would rather be. Cathedral is unique, as it not only provides a strong academic program, but it also gives students opportunities for service, expanding our social circles, nurturing our faith, and more.

First off, Cathedral raises awareness of social justice through assemblies and discussions that help students understand real-world challenges. The students also have several service opportunities that allow them to help people facing those challenges and give them the chance to give back to the community.

Along with that, the Cathedral has a wonderful Prayer-Buddy Program, which is where the new Kindergarteners are paired up with sixth graders, and they are able to accompany each other to the weekly School Masses and bond during other classroom activities. The pairs remain as prayer buddies until the older student graduates, and then the younger student moves on to elementary school and prepares to become an older student with a younger prayer buddy. It is a beautiful cycle of growth and bonding. All alumni and adults remember the feeling of being acknowledged and befriended by older kids. Having an older prayer buddy helps each new kindergartener feel welcome and confident transitioning into the school.

Finally, the Cathedral emphasizes the fact that it is a Catholic school. Religion classes are a standard and normal part of the student’s learning experiences, as they continue to learn about their faith even outside of Mass. The school, as I have already said, has weekly Masses, along with regular opportunities for Reconciliation, where the students are able to reflect, remind themselves that they are human, and ask for God’s forgiveness. In addition, Fathers Bianco and Gough come to the school’s Religion classes from time to time, answering the questions that the students have when trying to connect with God and become connected to their faith. Father Bianco and Father Gough are able to level with the students during this time, helping them to understand the wonderful yet complicated concept that is our Catholic faith. At the same time, we are taught to love and respect all people, regardless of their faith tradition. This is yet another reason why the Cathedral is so special.

All in all, because the Cathedral emphasizes our Catholic faith, helps students to bond with each other regardless of their differences, and raises awareness of social justice, there is no place I would rather be. I will never forget how important and unique this school is, and I am truly grateful for everything that the school has done for me.

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